What’s Important When Growing Your Business Online

Web Design and Development – If you’re not using your website as a tool to inform prospective buyers, generate leads, and gain and edge over your competitors — you’re missing out. Your website should not only be the hub of all your online marketing efforts offering 24/7/365 advertising; it should be dynamically working to generate you more business.

Calgary Web Design and Development

Lead Conversion – The ultimate goal of your online marketing campaign should be to capture qualified sales leads and convert them into customers. Period. Emphasize Design specializes in all aspects of the sales process – strategizing, developing, implementing, and monitoring an effective sales funnel for each of our inbound marketing clients.

Lead Conversion

Search Engine optimization (SEO) Services – Just like in the offline world, when you launch a business, you have to tell people about it. You can’t just open shop and hope people find out about you, right? A website works the same way. You need exposure, and since there are millions of people online, it is critically important to generate targeted traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Content Marketing – The key to any successful marketing campaign lies in your ability to effectively engage your audience. The words you use, either written or spoken, can have a powerful effect on prospective customers. What is your ultimate marketing goal? Do you want to inform, persuade, call to action, or entertain? Whatever your goal, make no mistake about it — your choice of words has the ability to make or break your inbound marketing strategy.

Content Marketing

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Having All Pieces Of The Puzzle Is Critical To Your Online Success!

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